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August 27, 2012
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Lovey Dovey Wovie by JauntyEyes Lovey Dovey Wovie by JauntyEyes
:music:"We're just the cutsie wootsie lootsiest pair." :music: -Wally

My first KND fanart! Do you guys remember who these guys are? :meow:

After seeing a couple fanarts of these two, I realized just how much I missed this show and these two~

If i'm still obsessed with this show after my vacation, then just be prepared to see more KND fanart~ :iconyesyesplz:

My gosh, I just adore couples like them~... :iconorzplz:

Oh, and their clothes were mainly inspired by how they look in Fusionfall~

Please do not use without permission!
I used Photoshop Cs5 and a texture
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One-Concerned Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
There's something I simply need to know: What do people see in this pairing?
JauntyEyes Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014   Digital Artist
Well, here's my opinion on the manner:

1.) They're adorable together (design wise)
2.) They have conflicting personalities, which is always enjoyable for the viewers whenever they quarrel (plus in the end they tolerate each other)
3.) Their feelings for each other increase subtly throughout the whole run of the series
4.) They're canon (not sure if you watched the last episode but it's revealed that they are married by the time they are adults)

Hope this helps you. :meow:
One-Concerned Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
1. That sounds kind of shallow.  Just because they LOOK cute together doesn't mean anything unless they complete each other emotionally.
2. I always found these two to be TOO opposite.  My philosophy is that lovers should at least have plenty in common albeit opposite approaches to life.  If they have too much in common, yes, they'll get bored of each other and fight more often.  Too opposite?  Same results.
3. I also always felt many of those hints were too forced, like #4 was obligated to become #3's lover out of pressure from everyone else (viewers included).  Did it start from that hug she gave him at the end of Operation: OFFICE?  Sorry, but one hug does not a couple make.  Given #3's disposition, I believe she would've done the same had it been one of the others.  Now, while some later hints understandably did come close, they still didn't have any chemistry.
4. Never have, and I doubt I will.  Even then, although I can believe that these two could give it a try early on, I don't believe it'd last.

Anyway, them's my two cents.
JauntyEyes Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank you very much for actually backing up your opinions/views with great explanations! You don't how annoying it is to see people make a claim without much evidence. 

1.) It may sound shallow, but when it comes to the artistic point of view; creating two characters that look aesthetically pleasing together to the viewer means everything. This may not apply to real life, of course. But when you think about it, in lots of shows we'd see people ship couples (that barely have anything in common or hardly talk to each other) for the sole reason that they "look good together".

2.) I completely agree with this. Honestly, I think that these two argue a lot. Even more so behind what we'd see on-screen. However, when it comes down to it, it's all about how much these two love and are dedicated to each other that makes it work. Who are we to judge how things'll turn out? Technically, we can go the easy way out and say it's just a cartoon show and that we shouldn't look too deeply into things. In the last episode, we see Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 completely turn around personality wise (with 3 being all serious but still has a love for Rainbow Monkeyes, and 4 being super smart and graduating from Harvard). They obviously have undergone humungous change so they'll probably stick together in the end.

3.) I'm not sure what to say about this one. Perhaps this is an issue with the writers on how they handled it. Sometimes even I would get frustrated with them trolling around about their feelings for each other . Lol
For sure though, in some episodes (I don't really feel like searching them all, i'm sorry) we see that they do in fact like each other a lot. But, it's sprinkled throughout the whole series...some more so than others I guess.

4.) As I said above, when they are adults they've undergone huge change in personality (which you have not seen). As they are now i'm confident they'll stay together. If the writers didn't let them change, i'd agree with you in saying they probably wouldn't last in the long run.

Thank you again for your input! That was very fun for me. :giggle:
One-Concerned Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
I forgot to mention also that people strike me as more concerned with the immediate future than the distant future; perhaps a fear of the unknown?  Because of that and the reasons I already stated, I always thought #2 would make a better match for #3.  I thought nothing of 4x5 at first, but it eventually grew on me.
JauntyEyes Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014   Digital Artist
2 with 3 and 4 with 5 are actually a pretty good combo now that I think of it. :iconwhatsthatplz:
However, despite compatibility, 3 and 4 were the only ones who've shown any kind of romantic interest towards each other from the group. Though, it completely threw me off when in the last episode it's revealed numbuh 2 and 5 got married together as well. There were no hints whatsoever throughout the series! :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:
One-Concerned Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
I think the fact that #5 always got irritated with #2's jokes (plus his generally flirtatious nature) may have had something to do with it.  Oh, and about developments in the distant future?  Maybe #3 and #4 stayed together in the end, though it's just as likely they could've called it off.
JauntyEyes Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014   Digital Artist
Haha. Maybe~ :meow:

That's just about as much as I can say about this topic. It's been fun. Thank you.
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BenjaminHopkins Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Unfortunately, yes...
peanut735 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
This is really good! You have serious talent!
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